Viewing Stations – Main Library

A reminder about viewing stations in the Main Library.
They have been re-designed to minimize loss and damage to viewing/listening equipment
Viewing carrels are located on the main floor – Main Library:
1 viewer per station only
1 pair of headphones per station – attached to each monitor
Volume is controlled by the monitor
All stations have multi-standard VCR and DVD players
There is only one Blu-ray player
There are four Laserdisc players

Main Library Viewing Stations

headphoneSince start of this semester up to today, the following missing/broken items have been documented at the 22 Main Library viewing stations:
5 remotes batteries taken
1 remote missing
6 headphones missing
4 headphones broken
2 headphone amps missing
In oder to minimize loss/damage issues – here is a test set-up for headphones.
The 1st 8 stations (nearest the front of the library) now have the headphones directly connected to the monitor – these will only support 1 set of headphones
The monitor has been labeled to show where volume control is so they can be adjusted as needed.
Please note any feedback regarding this new set-up. This set-up may be extended to another 8 stations if there are no problems noted.

1, 2, 3 … and now 4 and 5: Keys for equipment storage units

To accommodate our ever-expanding equipment collection, we’ve moved several items into the storage units across from Doreen’s office. (The items, so far, include computer speakers, extra headphones, the minidisc recorder, and the new keyboards). I figured it’s time we started locking these units! So you’ll see two new keys on the “Equipment Storage Cabinet Keys” — a #4 and #5 that correspond to that new unit. Hope it’s clear — please leave a comment if you have a question.