Library Carrels

Network jacks in carrels at Armstrong

Some carrels at Armstrong have two jacks, a blue and a red.  The red jack should work and the blue jack probably won’t.  If someone reports that a network jack isn’t working, find out if there are 2 jacks and if there are then suggest they try the other one.  Also, check for loose connections–the jacks in some carrels are connected to the wall by a cable that can get knocked out of place.

Thesis Carrels for Spring

Hey everyone! Just wanted to remind you that we will be starting to loan thesis carrels for Spring semester on Monday, February 16 (the second Monday of classes).

We wait a week before giving out carrels in order to give those who just completed thesis work enough time to remove all their stuff from the carrels, turn in their key, and time for me to go through and make sure everything’s been cleaned out and each carrel is in working order.

If students have questions about carrels, tell them they can get them on Monday the 16th, and will need to bring a prinout from Bannerweb confirming they’re signed up for 500, 600, or 700 level senior work (independent study, thesis, etc.) Juniors are not eligible for thesis carrels, but Febs who technically just started their “senior year” are eligible for a carrel. If anyone has a question you can’t answer, just direct them to me. Thanks!

New carrels at Armstrong

Five new carrels arrived this morning!  Students who were nearby during delivery were very excited to see them.  The new carrels are on the first floor, lined up with the other carrels.

Changes yet to come:  1) Power and network will be installed (we left notes on the new carrels announcing this), and 2) The map cases will be moved a foot or so away from the carrels to give them more space.

Lockers and Carrels – August 2008

Intersession – carrel and locker maintenance.
Lockers may be borrowed until August 29.
Carrels may not be borrowed.
Change the date in Millennium when you check out a locker key and alert the borrower to the shorter due date. The due date is the 29th, so that the lockers can be cleaned, in preparation for the fall term.
Carrels are not available, in preparation for fall semester thesis assignments.
Please direct questions to Steve.