re-shelving carts

Re-shelving Etc.

A couple of reminders for the Main Circ Desk:

Please assign re-shelving as much as student schedules and desk activity allows
Please review the re-shelving basics with students before they head to the stacks – refer to Rich’s training sheet
Please sweep unassigned carrels that are clearly abandoned – but use your discretion as this is a very stressful time of year
Please discourage squatting in unassigned carrels and study rooms
Sweep shelving/holding carts in the Main Library – always scan/check-in at Circ prior to re-shelving – we recently had lots of books “returned” to the carts – and none of them had been checked in
And as always – double check carts for shelving errors BEFORE they go re-shelving
If time allows – it would not hurt to assign a double check-in at the front desk prior to re-shelving – could help us save a lot of time searching 🙂