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3-day equipment loans

Starting now, all camcorders, digital cameras, and tripods have been changed to a 3-day loan for all borrowers (from a 1-day loan, previously). That is all.

Change to hourly equipment loans

Headphones and chargers, and laptops have been switched to a daily loan, so they will be due back the following day and will accrue points at a rate of 1 per day, instead of 1 per hour. Laptops should still … Continue reading

In-house equipment

As discussed in a recent circ meeting, I have changed all of the in-house equipment from a 4-hour loan that everyone ignored to a day-long, non-overnight loan. In other words, any equipment that used to be due back in 4 … Continue reading

Summer Loan Periods

Loan periods during the summer match the loan periods of the academic year. For a detailed listing, please check here.

Bills and Refunds

A quick reminder about library bills and replacement charges. Borrowers may clear their account by paying the replacement charge at any of the branch libraries by cash, check or charge – or by returning the overdue materials. They may also … Continue reading