Flash HD Camcorders

A couple of questions have come up about the new Flash HD Camcorders.
Please check go/equipment for more info.

Camcorders are available for a one-day loan and can be reserved in advance through the Circulation Desk.

Flash HD Camcorders include a battery pack, power adapter, and USB cable. Video is recorded onto the camera’s built-in memory, or onto a personal memory card (not included with the camera). No cassette tape needed!

We do not provide memory cards – they can be purchased at the College Bookstore

No firewire cable is needed – a usb cable is provided
(users may need to adjust the usb setting to”pc/printer” or “connect&set”

Quick Tips
To charge: insert pink end of power cord into pink part of camcorder. Light will flash when charging and stay solid red when complete

To turn on: press silver on/off button on top of camera

To start/stop recording: turn the wheel on the back side of camera to the red video camera icon, then press silver button with red dot (next to the icon)

To use USB cord: open LCD screen and insert the small end of the USB cord into the place marked “USB,” and connect other end to computer

User Manual
Cannon FS11 Flash user manual