loan periods

In-house equipment

As discussed in a recent circ meeting, I have changed all of the in-house equipment from a 4-hour loan that everyone ignored to a day-long, non-overnight loan. In other words, any equipment that used to be due back in 4 hours is now due back at closing. This includes headphones, laptops, and chargers. The hope is that this will cut down on a lot of useless email notifications. Hourly reserve loans are still hourly and strict. As always, if you notice anything weird with due dates or times, let me know as messing with the loan rules is always dicey.

Bills and Refunds

A quick reminder about library bills and replacement charges.
Borrowers may clear their account by paying the replacement charge at any of the branch libraries by cash, check or charge – or by returning the overdue materials.
They may also request that the charge be transferred to their college bill.
The best way to clear bills is to return overdue materials.
If materials are truly lost, the best way to clear the charge is to pay the charge at the Circ Desk.
PAYING BY CHARGE CARD IS THE PREFERRED PAYMENT METHOD. It is the quickest way to process a refund if the item is found.
Substituting a replacement copy is only possible on a pre-approved, case by case basis – and is NOT the preferred method for replacing lost materials.
The preferred method is to pay the full replacement charges. Replacement charges are based the average cost to replace an item, and includes a processing fee.

To process payment for a lost item:
If the item has not yet gone to “lost” status in the system, mark item “lost” (please see a supervisor for this step)
Click on the “Fines” tab
Highlight item
Select Collect Money
Collect money by charge card, cash or check (to Middlebury College)
Click OK
Print Receipt and give to borrower (receipt is required to process a refund, if the item is found)
Record payment on cash slip

Sometimes you may see the message “item lost and paid, clear it?” when scanning barcodes. If so, please place the item on Elin’s desk in 250A with a note. Though it is the responsibility of the borrower to request a refund for library materials that they have paid for, and subsequently found, this helps identify materials eligible for a refund.

Complete billing procedures are available on the Circ wiki

The Circ billing web page also has info available on loan periods and replacement charges.

Break policy for reserve books

Library reserve books may be taken out for extended loan over break – IF:
There is more than one copy of the book on reserve (one copy should remain).
The patron has permission from faculty member for an extended loan (email request to:

Up to three books may be taken out over break. Does not apply to media items.

These materials may be checked out on the last day of classes. Change date due to 9am on the first day of classes.