Keyboards available for loan

Five keyboards are now available for loan at Main Circ. Borrowers occasionally want to work on a keyboard instead of a laptop (especially if they are doing data entry and need the numerical keypad).

The keyboards now live in the storage unit across from Doreen’s office (in the same unit that houses the computer speakers, extra headphones, and minidisc recorder).

Keyboards have a four-hour loan period, but this can be adjusted for longer if need be.

What do I do if there are no ILL or Reserve staff around?

For Circulation Supervisors:
For ILL issues, email the ILL mailbox at and copy the library circulation mailbox
For Reserve issues, email the Reserve Office mailbox at and copy the library circulation mailbox
Always copy the library circulation mailbox.
Always include details and specifics of the question, issue or request.

Break policy for reserve books

Library reserve books may be taken out for extended loan over break – IF:
There is more than one copy of the book on reserve (one copy should remain).
The patron has permission from faculty member for an extended loan (email request to:

Up to three books may be taken out over break. Does not apply to media items.

These materials may be checked out on the last day of classes. Change date due to 9am on the first day of classes.

Complaints about noise in Armstrong

I received a complaint about noise caused by the installation of wiring to our new carrels. In case someone complains to you, here’s what I said:

  • The noise is caused by the installation of power and data wiring to the new carrels.
  • Once the wiring has been installed, there will be no other changes to the space.
  • The timing of the installation of the carrels was governed by budget review processes, the shop that built the carrels, and Facilities (who needed to install wiring). I’m guessing that Facilities doesn’t have enough staff to support off-hours installations.
  • I have posted a sign announcing that there might be disruptions from time to time.
  • In the end, I believe that the disruptions will be worthwhile. Students requested carrels (and tables and soft chairs) when we asked them last year what furniture they would want.

Please refer complaints about this or any other issue to me or another supervisor.