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Senior Thesis Carrels – Monday 1/11

Hey everyone!
Just a reminder that carrels will begin to be offered to seniors writing Winter term/Spring term theses this coming Monday, January 11. Please take a moment to refamiliarize yourselves with the policies and procedures on the LIS wiki.

The carrel map and applications are on a green clipboard on my desk. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks!

Good to Know – Senior Thesis Carrels

questionYou may get questions this week about senior thesis carrels.
Here is a brief FYI:
Carrel sign-ups begin on Monday January 11th (it’s always the 1st Monday AFTER classes begin) at 7:30 am
Thesis carrels are open to seniors who are currently enrolled in a 500, 600, or 700-level thesis or independent project – senior seminars do not count; juniors writing theses don’t count
A Bannerweb printout confirming enrollment is required
A completed and signed thesis carrel application is required
Carrels are first-come, first-served
The updated carrel map of available carrels will be available on the 11th
Please refer questions and renewal or change/trade requests to Steve
Stay tuned for up to date procedures for checking out carrel keys to eligible seniors

Carrel Monday

Senior thesis carrel sign-up started today – Monday, September 14. The first senior to be assigned a carrel arrived at the Main Library at 4 am; the 64th person arrived at 7 am for the 7:30 am opening of the library. By 10 am, 130 (out of 202) carrels had been assigned to the early-birds; by 5 pm 159 carrels had been assigned. Maura and Steve organized the event – with Morgan, Joanne, Rich, and Cassidy providing on-site support – ensuring another successful and orderly Carrel Monday – many thanks!

Getting Thesis Carrels Ready

We’ve already gone through and cleaned out all the thesis carrels in the Main Library, and are now at work on policies and procedures for the start of the academic year.

As seniors start returning to campus, they may ask you at the various Circ Desks about how and when to get a carrel. We’ll begin checking out thesis carrels on the second Monday of classes, September 14. There’s currently a question of whether we will give out carrels that Monday morning, or wait until Monday evening. Do you have a preference, or pro/con ideas about the time of day? If so, please add your thoughts as a comment below in the next couple of days.

Seniors are the only students eligible for a carrel, and they also need to be currently enrolled in a 500, 600, or 700-level thesis or independent project. 500 and above level senior seminars do NOT give thesis carrel eligibility. Seniors will need a printout from Bannerweb confirming their enrollment in an appropriate course in order to check out a carrel.

Additionally, a new policy change for this year is that we will no longer be giving out orange due date slips for display on carrels and lockers. Staff will continue to periodically check library books on carrels to see if they are checked out or not, and remove them if they aren’t, but we will no longer be using the due date slips for this purpose.