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I work weekdays at Armstrong Library. My main responsibility is student supervisor. But I also coordinate the lending of Ill's from the science library. I can also be found occassionally at Main LIbrary covering the circulation desk or at the information desk.

Portable whiteboards

Davis Family library now has 4 new portable whiteboards.    These boards are approximately  3 x 5 feet mounted on 4 casters and can be moved around the building and used for group projects or individual student use.   Two whiteboards will be initially placed in Harmon, and the other two will be on the main floor 1 near Wilson media and 1 elsewhere on the main floor.        You may have to occasionally supply a whiteboard DRY ERASE marker, if the attached markers dry out or are removed.  Please do not loan any other type of marker for the whiteboards.

These are for building use only, and can’t be used in the cafeteria.   Let me if you have any questions.



Ethernet cables at Armstrong.

   Armstrong’s Ethernet cables have arrived and are in the reserve section.  The box for keeping the IDs is just above the Ethernet cables.    As posted, a middlebury ID (nothing else)  must be collected or no cable can be loaned – NO EXCEPTIONS,  NO EXCEPTIONS, NO EXCEPTIONS!!  Re-read the blog posting from April 28th to be clear on how to loan out the cables

Armstrong Compact shelving issues

A section of the compact shelving (bound periodicals QP 1- QP 351)  in Armstrong is not working correctly.   Sometimes it’s not resetting after it has been opened and therefore none of the aisles in that area can then open.   I will post signs in this area directing patrons to the circualtion desk if they have problems opening an aisle.    Below is a set of instructions for using our service key”  to override the shelving unit if it does get stuck.   Please carefully check all aisles that will open or close when using the override key to make sure no one is in those aisles.

Compact Shelving Won’t Reset – instructions

STOP: and first check that all of the aisles you are opening are completely empty.

Get “Service Key” (looks like TV remote control) from the drawer below the cash drawer.

  • Point it at the inoperative shelve unit.
  • Push the yellow button (has a triangle and “!” on it).
  • On the book shelf:  hold in the button that is supposed to open the aisle (the button must be held in, as it will stop moving as soon as you let off the button).
  • Once you’ve moved it about one foot, let off the button.
  • Now push the “Reset” button on the shelf.
  • If the shelf doesn’t reset, try repeating these steps again.

Course evaluation forms

Hi all,  Just as we did last fall semester Armstrong will once again be a collection point for course response forms starting Monday May 3rd and ending at 5 pm on Monday May 10th.    Students filling out the forms have been instructed that they can turn the forms in at Armstrong Library.    When you receive a form it will be in an envelope.   You are to immediately deposit the form in the collection box located on the floor  near the calculator drawer.    Please do not hesitate to ask Carrie, Nancy or Todd if you have any questions.