Printing to Plotter at Armstrong

With the new printing system in place, procedures for printing to the plotter at Armstrong have been changed.  Students will ask about this at the desk, so please review.  (I’ll check with others in LIS to see if they’d consider adding this info to documentation at go/printing or elsewhere. UPDATE:  Instructions are now at go/printing.)

How to print to the plotter at Armstrong:

  1. Log in to a computer in Armstrong 161 lab or BIH 116/117 labs.  These computers can connect to the Armstrong plotter.  They also have the software you probably used to create your poster (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Reader, or PowerPoint).
  2. Open your poster and send it to the plotter (BIH209PLOTTER).  Release your poster to the plotter from any print release station.  Your account will be charged $1.50 per linear foot.
  3. Ask at the Armstrong Circ Desk to be let into Armstrong 209 (the door is locked).
  4. You will have to wait several minutes for your print job to be completed.  Do not tear the poster from the plotter; wait for the plotter to cut the paper for you.  Tearing the poster can cause expensive damage to the plotter.

Reimbursements for printing to the plotter:

  1. Students who are printing a poster for a class:  Some departments might cover the cost of printing a poster for a class.  These departments will have submitted your name to LIS at the beginning of the semester.  LIS will have credited your account as instructed.  Contact your department with any questions.
  2. Students who are printing a poster for the Spring Symposium:  The Undergraduate Research Office (URO) will cover the cost of printing a poster for the Spring Symposium.  You will receive a username and password from the URO for this.  Contact the URO ( with any questions.

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