opening routine

Harman Reading Room display procedures

We have been asked to turn on and off the display in the Harman Reading room each morning and night. I have updated the wiki pages for opening and closing, but here is the procedure:


Turn the lights on/off for the statue itself using the switch on the right side of the base.

To Start display using the TV remote:
Power on (green button upper right)
Press HOME button (blue)
Scroll down to video and hit center button shaped like four rays of light
Wait until Maya video icon appears at top of screen and then push center button again

Video will play and loop. Adjust volume with remote volume control if necessary.

To Stop display simply turn the TV off using the top button on the side of the TV itself. You don’t need the remote to stop the display. The volume may also be adjusted on the side.

The remote will be kept in the key drawer (and these instructions are also connected to said remote), unless someone has a more brilliant idea.