Brainstorm of Adjustments to Circulation Routines and Procedures:

Mediator: Elin Waagen

Present: Maura Clancy, Rich Church, Joanne Stewart, Steve Bertolino, Dan Frostman, Rachel Manning, Morgan Connor, Kellam Ayres





-bookings (equipment)

-unlocking equipment (master circ key)

-Printing out Guest Password from Info Desk

Eliminate or Possibly Eliminate:

paging slips (Test auto notices? Get stats? Limit # of requests? Unpredictable and require staff mediation.)

due date slips (incl. thesis)

Screenings/File Maker Pro (Very time consuming, booking module? Done twice daily)



-Expired holds

-View Holds (Available)

(ILLs cleared?)



-phone messages

-self-check machine reboot


-books in transit

-view holds

-guest cards

Leave to ILL Department:

Clearing expired ILL items from Hold Shelf.



(nothing listed yet)




-printer paper

-review of clipboards (missing items, etc.)



-Info Desk



By Request:

-Unlocking Bitner Terrace



-ILL Returns cart going straight to ILL work area

-ILL Borrowing materials Cart (ILL will test out checking items out and adding to hold shelf during the remainder of the summer, rather than passing cart to Circ.)


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