Items Going on Hold at Another Location

Please pay careful attention to system hold messages when scanning barcodes.
If you get the message:
“Put on holdshelf at X Library (X=Main, Music, or Armstong) for X (name of borrower)”
Select “set status to in transit to X library” and print the slip, and insert in item. (This is the only time you need to print transit slips for materials traveling between the branches)
Do NOT select “on holdshelf”.
We want the item to have the correct “in transit” status while en route to/in transit between branches to the correct pick-up location, NOT status “on holdshelf”.

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  1. Regarding hold shelf…

    I just put a brown package on top of the hold shelf for Prof. Cavanough to pick up… FYI…

  2. Thanks, EY.
    The courtesy hold shelf is the right place for holding things for pick-up that are not in the system.
    It is meant to be a temporary place to hold things – generally things are picked up within 48 hours.

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