Intercom issues

Beeeeeep. Beeeeeep. Beeeeeep. (repeat)

When the intercom system decides to act up (as it did late this afternoon on three occasions), it’s helpful to know what to do. First, if it occurs during regular business hours, contact Joseph, our fearless facilities coordinator. If Joseph isn’t in, Charlie Conway is skilled in the ways of intercom repair. It the issue occurs after hours, please call Public Safety. They can coordinate with Facilities to access the intercom system (located in the server room on the lower level). The fastest solution is to simply turn off the intercom.

The issue today seems to have been resolved by shutting down the system and then turning it back on. Other occasions may warrant turning it off for the rest of the day/evening. It’s good to know that we can resolve strange and annoying intercom issues rather quickly, returning the library to its natural state of peace and quiet.

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