Ebooks on reserve

So, you know how I spend all of my waking hours these days placing books and media on reserve in Millennium so students can find their course materials via MIDCAT? Along with print books and media, we are now adding ebooks to the items associated with a reserves list in MIDCAT. Please see Prof. Williams’s PSCI 0430 as an example of what this looks like. Similar to media items, ebooks are identified as such in the title (via a bracketed “[electronic resource]”). Likewise, their call numbers end in “eb”, as DVDs end in “D” and BluRays end in “B” etc.

Please familiarize yourselves with how to access ebooks in MIDCAT, as our Circ students and patrons will surely have questions about it. Rebekah’s blog post will get you started, and here is a more detailed Q&A. I think our borrowers will be delighted to find that ebooks can be used by multiple people at one time, and are not limited to the usual two-hour reserve period that restricts our print reserves.

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