Borrower Data Base

Midd ID’s – Double Check Name and Photo

Please note!
We just experienced another incident of the wrong ID number being embedded in a summer ID.
Which means that when you scan an ID, the wrong account will display on the screen and you may inadvertently check things out to the wrong person.
Help solve this problem by verifying that the name on the ID and the name on the screen always match.
Scan ID
Look at photo and name on ID
Look at name on borrower account on screen
Do they match?
If yes – proceed with check-out
If no – alert a supervisor immediately – do not check out
This person needs to get a new ID at Public Safety before borrowing
If necessary, ask for another photo ID and type in their name to bring up the correct borrowing account.
Please extend our apologies for the inconvenience.
Thanks! 🙂

Retired Staff – Borrowing

Just a heads up that staff and faculty who have retired recently may have an end of employment expiration date in their borrowing account. This information is entered by Human Resources, and uploaded to the library borrowing data base from Banner. It is an easy fix! And we welcome continued borrowing by retired staff and faculty.
Supervisors, please adjust the record as follows:
Update address info to home address
Enter home phone number
Verify that the email address is accurate
Remove the expiration date
Adjust patron type to 53, 54 or 82
PS issues a new ID designating current college employment status

VCAL Borrowing

From Terry Simpkins:
I wanted to alert you to the VCAL reciprocal borrowing program that Middlebury now participates in. This program allows faculty from Middlebury to walk-in to participating libraries in the state and borrow materials from them as if they were full guest borrowers of that library. Faculty do need to fill out a form and get a VCAL card from the circulation desk here at Middlebury first.
Please remember that:
Faculty need to first get a VCAL card from Main Circ
Faculty are expected to return borrowed items to the owning library
Faculty are expected to abide by the owning library’s guest circulation policies
Please feel free to let me know if you need more information.

Guest borrowing cards are issued during weekdays at the Main Circ Desk. Supervisors – please check the circ wiki for details about processing VCAL borrowing privileges.
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VCAL – Vermont Consortium of Academic Libraries – Reciprocal Borrowing

VCAL – Vermont Consortium of Academic Libraries – Reciprocal Borrowing

The VCAL cards and expiration stickers are here! They can be found in the guest card drawer at Main Circ. Let me know if you have any questions.
Please check links below for details and authorization form for faculty reciprocal borrowing.
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Borrower Data Base – MMLA

Middlebury Monterey Language Academy (MMLA) faculty are in our borrower data base but do not get Midd ID’s.
If MMLA faculty need borrowing access, please create a library guest card, insert a barcode field and attach the record to the patron barcode. Please ask for photo ID, update address, email, and phone contact info. Leave as ptype 56 – summer faculty.
Thanks! Happy Friday!

Guest Borrowing

Please refer questions about guest borrowing privileges to Elin.

During the summer we often have visitors and staff on campus who may not be in the library borrower database.
Please review the guest borrowing guidelines.
Non-Midd student research assistants are not eligible for Midd ID’s, but are eligible for borrowing privileges. Please refer them to Main.
Main Library supervisors – please create a library card and borrowing account – no guest application form needed – please double check -they may be in the borrower data base.
In addition to name, address, email, please include Midd ID number, and in the note field include home institution, and sponsoring Midd faculty.
Patron type 80 – staff
Set the expiration date for their last date of employment.

Recent Grads Working on Campus

Recent graduates working on campus may need to have the expiration date on their library account extended. Students – please refer to a supervisor.
Supervisors – just ask how long they plan to be here – and extend expiration date as needed. Leave as senior student patron type (4) over the summer. Verify email address, add home address info.

If they are not working on campus, but are staying in the area, change patron type to alum (100), remove expiration date (leave blank), add home address info, update email etc.. It is OK to use the student ID. Alum ID’s are available at Public Safety.

Winter Term Faculty

FYI – Winter Term faculty have an expiration date of 2/07/09 and you may encounter Winter Term faculty who would like to extend their Midd borrowing privileges. They may live locally, may be extending their stay, or they may be alums.

Student employees – please refer questions to a supervisor

Circ supervisors – please edit borrower records as needed
Double check for a duplicate borrower account, and edit/merge as needed.
Here is some wiki documentation on entering borrower records

Exp date: courtesy guest – 9/30/20XX; alum – no exp. date
Contact info: replace college address, phone and email with home contact info
Note field: “Winter Term faculty 20XX” and current status – ie ” alum’XX or “guest courtesy”

Let me know if you have any questions.