Returns Returns Returns

stacks_smallIt’s that time of the year again. 🙂
Please take extra care that all returns are checked in carefully and sent to the right place for re-shelving. A little extra care at check-in will save us many hours of work searching and following up on materials that we missed at check-in. This is NOT the time to let returns pile up – please check-in all returns as they come in and share the fun with your shift partner! Carts will fill up quickly and require frequent trips to re-shelving areas. Please sort and spot check carts – look out for ILL/Nexpress, reserves, media, books in need of repair etc.

And speaking of re-shelving…lots of help needed! Supervisors, please assign students scheduled at the desk to re-shelving whenever possible.

Looking for extra hours?!
We can schedule extra hours for any student assistants interested in work and $$$. Please see Rich if interested. Hours are flexible – and you can listen to music while you shelve. Training/orientation will be provided if you have not had Stacks training before.

NExpress Returns

A reminder about workflow for Middlebury materials that have been out on loan to our partner NExpress Libraries.

Main ILL staff:
Unpack and sort (boxes come from libraries with mix of ILL and Nexpress materials; incoming loans for Midd and returns to Midd)

NExpress returns:
Check in by ILL Lending staff
Deliver to Circ on “Nexpress Returns” cart for check-in by Circ staff

Circ Students, check in process:
Remove Blue NExpress bands (and recycle)
In Mill Circ – check-in mode
Scan barcode – message will say” Item has status OFF CAMPUS and has been cleared”
Click on OK
Items for transit to branches – no need to print transit slip, unless to be held for another borrower
Sort to re-shelving areas and branch hold/transit shelves
Return cart to ILL work area

End of Term Reminders

A few reminders

Show up for your shift – on time
Prioritize Circ work when on shift
Look around to see who needs help and what needs doing
Keep up with returns – check in CAREFULLY – a missed check-in now causes problems for the borrower and LOTS of extra work for all of us
Work together to keep up with the flood of returns – quality first, but keep up with the flow as best you can
Set equipment aside until you have the time to CAREFULLY check for all parts, coil cables neatly back into the case; delete data and re-charge if needed, etc.
Keep your sense of humor 🙂
When you are not on shift – remember to sleep enough, eat well and laugh

Many, many thanks for all your good work – we know it is a busy and stressful time – and we very much appreciate your help during this busy time.