Cramming and non-cramming students welcome!

Since we are now open 24/7 until Friday, Dec. 10 (Sat the 11th we close at 8 PM), we would like to welcome all bleary-eyed, hard-working students to our quiet place. We also welcome entertaining students, like the streaking stream of mud-caked students who graced our lobby and staircase a couple weeks ago! You know who you are, however, we do not know who you are, due to your daytime disguise in student attire. We saw your tracks and heard the patter of bare feet on tile and wood stairs as you ran to the 2nd floor. It may be getting a tad chilly now, but we wanted to acknowledge your distracted presence, in case you thought no one saw you. Believe us, mouths were agape and eyes were wide in amazement. Until next time, bundle up and happy studying!

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