Librarians back on duty!

The red sign is back!  As always, whenever someone has a research question, please don’t hesitate to refer them to a librarian.  At any time!  Here’s how:

Give us a call at x5496.  Whoever is available will be glad to come out and help. Alternatively, you could walk the person to our offices (LIB 205-211) and “interrupt” any of us (p.s. it’s not interrupting! it’s our job!).

On weekday and Sunday afternoons, and Sunday-Wednesday evenings, one of us is always on duty.  Look for the red “Librarian on duty” sign to find out who it is.

If ever it seems like no one is around, have the person write to us in the go/askalibrarian form.  Even when we’re not in the library, we’re often on email.  Hours and information about how to reach us is at go/askus.  Also, some good “getting started” advice is here:  Find Books, Articles and More.

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