Welcome back!

Hi all, and welcome back to circ. Just a few notes about new stuff that you should know.

* ILL and NExpress can now be requested by the patron to pickup at Armstrong. So just watch when you are checking in a cart of ILL or NExpress to make sure they go on the correct shelf.

* Overdue items can now be renewed without a supervisor override. So if someone comes to the desk with overdue items, please feel free to renew them (ask the patron, of course…) This also means that patrons can renew overdue items via MIDCAT, and we should encourage them to do so.

* The flip side of this is that Reserves, Equipment, and ILL will all go to billed status as soon as they are overdue. This will block borrowing or renewing. The bill will be cleared when they return the item, but we will not override this billed status. (NOTE: This does not apply to 4-hour laptops which will not go to billed status immediately.)

* Replacement charges have dropped slightly and we will no longer be accepting patron replacements of lost items.

* Most of our old paper forms are now online.

* We no longer provide Microsoft Office 03/04. We may, in the near future, have a few install discs for Office 07, but we should be encouraging people to download from Middfiles instead.

I think those are the major things. Have a great year!

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