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Circ meeting minutes 8-28-2014

Present: Nancy, Rachel, Todd, Kim, Janine, Kellam, Dan Dan gave a list of updates that people should know before Fall: * update on the circ sub pool and possibilities moving forward * Print cash cards are coming back * Carrels … Continue reading

New Zoom Audio Recorders in our Inventory

Hi Circ Supervisors! We just received 5 new audio recorders, which will eventually replace all of the older digital voice recorders. They are in the same drawer as the other recorders. There are only 2 parts to the package we … Continue reading

Weekly report 8-26-2014

Circulation Weekly Report Date: 8/26/14 Name: Dan Frostman

Weekly report 8-12-14

Circulation Weekly Report Date: 8/12/14 Name: Dan Frostman

Requesting and dongles

Today is the longest possible time until more requesting and paging slips. (It is off, no need to run paging slips any more.) Also, this is brilliant.