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Weekly report 2-24-15

Circulation Weekly Report Date: 2-24-15 Name: Dan Frostman

New Equipment: Lighting Kit

We have a new lighting kit which includes 18 parts inside the case. The parts are numbered one through 18, making it easy to count them. There is a lighting kit checklist form to the right of the lighting kit … Continue reading

Where are my tax forms!?

You may get people at the desk asking where the tax forms are. If there are not any at the info desk, then we don’t have any. There is a book at said info desk (that does not leave the … Continue reading

Weekly report 2-17-15

Circulation Weekly Report Date: 2-17-15 Name: Dan Frostman

Booked Equipment Shelf Moved Over to the Right

When you retrieve a piece of equipment in the cabinet, you will see that the spot for booked items are now on the right side for easier access. The conference phones are on the same shelf. The conference camera is … Continue reading