Weekly Report 7-2-19

Circulation Weekly Report

Date: 7-2-19

Name: Dan Frostman


  • Circs in June: 2803
  • Circs in FY19: 69,573
  • Circs in FY18: 73,970
  • 86 attendees at BL orientations

Highlights: (Progress towards Goals, accomplishments)


  • Training students
  • Busy with big language schools starting
  • Lots of printer questions
  • Moved plotter downstairs
  • Moved all books from Munroe into Arm. Stacks
  • Keeping up with ILL
  • Adjusting to no-Nancy

Davis Family:

  • Schedule is all full for the Fall!
  • Very busy at the desk with start of LS
  • Helped Wendy unload boxes at Armstrong


  • A little bit of shifting in N
  • Not much shelving
  • Waiting on PT list
  • Withdrawing more bound periodicals


  • Books for Bread Loaf article in the Newsroom
  • Trained Davison staff
  • Met with Carrie to discuss BLSE
  • Posting to Crumb newsletter
  • Very grateful for Nick (helpdesk student) in Apple Cellar
  • Planning for vacation


  • LS faculty asking for equipment all summer
  • Retiring faculty expiring in Sierra – manually changing ptypes and expiration dates as they speak up
  • LS patrons in classes in the library are not always thinking about the fact that they’re in a library
  • No helpdesk support at night nor from 7:30-8 am.  Can’t help people print while trying to open the circ desk
  • People still think they can borrow bikes
    • Monday morning people were just taking unlocked bikes – Public Safety was involved
  • Printer slowness at Davison

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