Weekly report 8-27-19

Circulation Weekly Report

Date: 8-27-19

Name: Dan Frostman


  • zzzzz

Highlights: (Progress towards Goals, accomplishments)


  • 4 shifts left to fill in fall schedule
  • Big tables delivered to lower level
  • Cleaning the office!

Davis Family:

  • Kim out this week
  • Booking reserve film screenings
  • Thinking about new equipment to order
  • Planning circ lunch
  • Transferred all long-term loaners from Sierra into WHD


  • N shift is complete!  Finishes the project started back in September 18!
  • Shelving caught up
  • Pulling Jstor bound periodicals


  • BLWC cleared
  • Fall requests coming in
  • Child care resumes tomorrow!


  • HD claiming we need to replace Armstrong computers out of our budget – still waiting to hear back

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