LS families

Just a head’s up that LS family members will no longer be loaded into Millennium via Banner. If they come to the desk and want to borrow, we will need to add them manually.

Students – please direct these requests to a supervisor.

Supervisors – create a guest borrower card and use ptype 120.

Direct any questions to Dan.

Research questions?

We don’t have “Librarian on Duty” hours from now until summer school. But librarians are still around! The go/askus page tells you how to find us:

  • During regular hours, the best thing to do is to call x5496. That number rings in all librarian offices, and one of us should be available to help on the phone or in person.
  • At any hour, you also can use to the go/askalibrarian form, which sends an email to all librarians.

Please encourage all researchers to use the phone and form, too!

Mills students – Possible issue at the desk

We have had at least one instance of Banner changing a current student to their summer status of Mills LS student a couple of weeks early, which creates loan rule issues. If you experience any odd loan rule messages upon check-out, please let a supervisor know. Supervisors – this can easily be fixed by changing their patron type to either first-year, sophomore, junior, or senior.

End of term and personal copies

It’s the time of year when faculty members often want to remove their personal copies from reserve. We do this for them automatically at the end of each semester, but if someone wants a book or media item off reserve right now, we can easily handle it. If I’m in the office, simply hand the item to me and I’ll remove it immediately — the process only takes a minute. If I’m not around, please jot down the faculty member’s name and the call number of the item — leave this info in a note for me and hand the item to the professor. Any questions? Please ask me or any supervisor. Many thanks!