Periodicals Project – counting in-library use

Starting January 5th and continuing for the foreseeable future.
Periodicals loaned out through ILL and those used within the Main Library will be counted separately
ILL will place all of its print (bound and current) and microform periodicals on a purple cart located in the Reserve Area.
Circulation staff will continue to place periodicals – either returned to Circ desk or found in their “sweeps” through the building – on the Circ returns area shelves.
Periodicals found during building “sweeps” can also be left on the wooden cart near the start of the Current Periodicals section.
Serials Dept staff will collect and count these stashes as well as stashes of microforms from atop the microform cabinets.
Once counted, the volumes will be placed on the marked shelves at the rear of the Lower Level stacks (in the PQ-PR domain) – this will include Bound Periodicals and microforms. Serials staff will shelve the counted Current Periodicals. Stacks staff will shelve the counted Bound Periodicals and microforms.
Users will be asked to help by placing issues and volumes on the marked shelves and carts in the periodicals area after using.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask Arabella.

Exam and 24/7 Hours at the Libraries

As the ears and eyes of LIS services, please share observations and comments on exam hours and 24/7 hours for Fall 08. We are interested in your feedback!
Many, many thanks to Rachel, Asma, Agnes, Brittany, Caroline, Thao, Armaghan, and Dina – the wonderful crew who covered the overnight shifts at Main!

Conference phones

Troubleshooting a problem with a conference phone can often be tricky, as there are so many variables at work, but here are a few things to remember: for help with a suspected issue with the equipment, please contact the Helpdesk x2200. For help with the telephone capabilities in a specific room on campus, contact Telephone Services x5700.

Sometimes an issue might first appear to be an equipment malfunction (a button on the phone isn’t doing what it’s supposed to), when in fact it might be an issue with the conference call capabilities in the room.

Please note that if a conference call is long-distance, it may require a personal long-distance code to be entered.

Loading printers and copiers with paper.

I want to remind all circulation students that at the beginning of each of their shifts they need to check all the printers and copiers for paper levels. In all the printers we want to keep them close to filled, but do not overfill as this causes jamming. Crucial is keeping 203K filled, as this is the busiest printer in Armstrong. This is an important task not just for finals week, but for every day.

Recently Returned Areas – Overflow Reshelving

In order to accommodate the large amount of returns at this time of year we have designated 2 overflow areas for recently returned library materials – 1 on the upper level and 1 on the main level of the Main Library.
All recently returned library materials in A-N classes, and the oversize group, can be found in the upper-level re-shelving, first range of stacks at SW end of upper floor. Please note – this is a new area – not the shelves used in previous semesters.
Recently returned materials in the P-Z classes can be found on the Main Level in the regular re-shelving area -around the corner from the media viewing rooms.
Please be aware that materials in re-shelving areas are shelved in general alpha order, not in exact call number order.