Circ meeting 8-27-15

• Students-only at Armstrong Friday
• Kellam
o BLWC reserves are still up – Kellam will clear next week
o Fall term prep is going well
o The Docutech server upgrade is expected to happen before classes start
o Kellam will do the BL report and send out a feedback request soon
• Dan
o Language in motion workshop in October – participants eligible for guest borrower card
o Panic button installation proposal hitting speed bumps with facilities – Dan is working on it
o No word from the bike shop about bikes
o We will start to think about carrels soon
• Todd
o The shelving for DVDs is being installed – waiting on the actual shelving to arrive
o Do we allow alums to borrow DVDs? NO.
• Janine
o Putting together a bunch of equipment to give to Armstrong
o Dan will check on dongles that went to BL
• Kim
o Full schedule – just two empty shifts right now
o Supervisor meeting re. student legal stuff – good meeting
o Welcome email coming soon to students
o ePAFs will be done after Labor Day
• Nancy
o 4 open shifts at Armstrong
• Other
o The Kims are swapping Tuesdays and Saturdays for the Fall
o VCAL update from Terry (That’s President Terry to you)
o Dan will check with PS about making sure IDs swipe before Fall starts
o Anyone working Labor Day? NO.

Weekly Report 8-25-15

Circulation Weekly Report
Date: 8-25-2015
Name: Dan Frostman

Weekly report 8-18-2015

Circulation Weekly Report
Date: 8-18-2015
Name: Dan Frostman

Weekly report 8-11-2015

Circulation Weekly Report
Date: 8-11-2015
Name: Dan Frostman

Two announcements

Nothing mind-blowing.

1. The upstairs (A-M) reshelving has been moved to the empty shelves before the A’s.

2. We now have three pairs of “headset with microphones” (if you’re searching in Millennium). They’re in bags in the drawer with the digital voice recorders. They are 1-day loans. Media services says they will get used.