Vending machine reimbursement

We now have separate bags for the vending machine reimbursement. The Canvas bag that we have had is for snacks (upstairs) and coffee (outside of Wilson) and the new blue bag is for the Pepsi soda machine (outside of Wilson). Procedures stay the same, just make sure you take from the proper bag. Because, you know…we like things more complicated. Documentation updated.

Research Desk during intersession

You won’t see librarians at the Research Desk again until Sunday, July 3, but if the library is open, librarians are around! The go/askus page tells you how to find us. If you receive a research question, please don’t hesitate to refer it to us.

  • During regular hours, the easiest thing to do is to call x5496. That number rings in all librarian offices, and one of us should be available to help on the phone or in person. Try us even outside of regular hours, just in case!
  • You’re welcome to walk over to our offices, too! Most of us are in the row of offices behind the Research Desk.
  • At any hour, you also can use to the go/askalibrarian form, which sends an email to all librarians.

Please encourage all researchers to drop by! It’s not interrupting. It’s our job!