system down

New Manual Check-out Form

The Manual Check-out Form can be used as an alternative to the off-line circ mode if you expect to only be down momentarily.

Please fill in all columns carefully and accurately when checking out an item to a borrower. When Millennium comes back on line, enter all check-outs into the on-line Millennium Circ. Returns can be set aside while the system is down and checked in once the system is back up and this sheet has been entered.

The form is available in the Circ middfiles – ORGS\LIS\Circulation Services\Forms and Signs.

Detailed directions for Offline Circ procedures on the Circ Wiki.

Offline Circ

Barbara in Systems has updated the offline circ section of the Circ wiki.
Offline Circ data must be uploaded to system BEFORE Online Circ activity resumes.
Once the online Millennium Circ client is up and running again, Circ needs to upload the Offline Circ files. Once they files are uploaded, Systems staff need to process them into the database. Please review the procedures on the wiki so you are prepared the next time the system is unavailable.