penalty points

Penalty Points are on

Starting today, penalty points will be active for reserves, equipment, and ILL books. Please check things in as soon as they come across the desk. Items found on the reserves shelf after they were due should be back-dated at check-in. Same with items in the bookdrops or left on the counter from the night before. And remind people when their items are due!

Things to remember now that penalty points exist

1. Check things in immediately – do not let items sit and pile up in the returns area
2. Change due dates on ILL items to match the green band
3. If someone’s account is blocked by penalty points, DO NOT CHECK ANYTHING OUT TO THEM (If they give you trouble, pass them to a supervisor.)
4. When people are checking out a piece of equipment, ILL, or reserve item, tell them specifically when it is due and explain that they will be penalized if it is late.
5. Backdate the following things at check-in
a. ILLs from the drop boxes
b. Reserve items that were not checked in properly
c. Equipment that was not checked in properly
d. ILL items on which you need to change an already-passed due date to match what is on the band (then re-check out with correct date)
e. Anything left on the return desk from the night before

Procedure for backdating a check-in:
1. Go to Check-in mode in Millennium
2. Below the check-in box, click the “backdate” button
3. Select the appropriate date
a. For items left from the night before or in the drop-box, select yesterday’s date
b. For items that were missed on check-in (i.e. – things that are our fault), select a date before the item was originally due (so the patron is not penalized for our mistake)
4. Check-in the item

One additional note for supervisors:
If we do screw up, please put a MESSAGE (that pops up) in the patron field alerting other supervisors to the fact that we will need to override the block until X date with your initials.