MIDCAT – Changes to Location Labels

There will soon be a minor change in the MIDCAT display of call number locations.

Currently, MIDCAT uses location labels such as:
“Davis Family Stacks Upper Lvl”
“Armstrong Stacks”
“Music Stacks”

for the majority of our holdings that are in the main collection at each library. This excludes, for now, specialized collections such as Gov Docs, Oversize, media locations, etc.

The change will be to simplify location labels for the Davis Family Library, and to change the branch labels to keep them consistent. In short, the new labels will be:
“Davis Family Library”
“Armstrong (Science) Library”
“Music Library”

The biggest change is consolidating the 3 primary Davis Family Library locations (Upper, Main, Lower) into one, and, of course, removing the word “stacks,” which is jargon. The labels will still link to maps.

[Thanks to Terry Simpkins for the text in this announcement!]