LS resources

LS Resources – Training Highlights

Thanks for presenting, Joy!

From Joy Pile:
The two FAQs for language school are:
Where are the dictionaries for x language?
Is there a list of videos in x language?.

1. Dictionaries are in both the stacks which can be borrowed, and in the reference collection. There is a hard copy of the basic LC call numbers for dictionaries in each language at both the Info Desk and at the Circ Desk. The reference collection is housed on the shelves in the middle section of the main floor, many of the circulating copies of dictionaries are in the shelves on the left hand side of the main floor.
2. There is a quick link to a MIDCAT search that pulls up a video listing in each of the language subject guides. To find the subject guides, type: go/subjectguides in the browser address line. Click on the appropriate language. The link appears on the right hand side within the information in the blue box. (Below my picture, but above the Meebo widget)
3. There is also a link for a CD search in the subject guides.
4. There are also colored paper guides for each language with basic information about locating items in the collection. There is a copy of each at Circ – but there are take away copies, as well as floor plan maps at the info desk.
5. A librarian staffs the info desk from 1-5pm every afternoon (Sunday-Saturday), evenings Sunday-Thursday. Please refer any detailed questions about finding resources to them.
6. To reach a librarian during other hours, suggest that they use MOSIO – a new question answering service using text messaging that we’ve instituted. Tell them to dial 6674, and start the question with midd and simply text it. They can even text us in the language they’re studying. We may answer in English, but among the staff we can read most of the languages taught here.
7. There are language school buttons denoting the languages you speak at the Circ desk – please feel free to use them. Maintain and share your own proficiency in a language you are studying or are a native speaker in.
8. Should you have or receive further questions, I can be reached at x5140 or by e-mail