Yellow cables at Davis Family Library

The yellow cables are back at the circulation desk of the Davis Family Library. The process is very simple: ID’s in exchange for a cable. No ID = no cable. No exceptions. And vice versa. No cable = no ID upon return. This is only at Davis – the branches are not providing cables.

Yellow Cables – Can They Be Saved?

The Yellow Cable Program is rapidly drawing its last breath!
Please pass the word to return the yellow cables to the bins at the Circ Desks so that we can resuscitate this program.
Unless we see an immediate return to SHARING the yellow Ethernet cables, the program will have to end.

Please refer users to the bookstore to purchase their own cables. Available for about $5.

Network jacks in carrels at Armstrong

Some carrels at Armstrong have two jacks, a blue and a red.  The red jack should work and the blue jack probably won’t.  If someone reports that a network jack isn’t working, find out if there are 2 jacks and if there are then suggest they try the other one.  Also, check for loose connections–the jacks in some carrels are connected to the wall by a cable that can get knocked out of place.