courier bins

Carts and Bins – Coming and Going!

Take care to ensure that the contents of bins and carts go where they are supposed to go.
Before you do anything with a cart or bin – inspect and sort the contents VERY carefully. Look at each and every item to determine next steps.
Determine if items are going to Main, Mills, Music, Armstrong or Davison BEFORE you scan and process.
If you do not know where something is supposed to go, ASK!
Or if you are not sure where the cart or bin came from or where it is going – ASK!
When in doubt – check the status and item details of the item in the system.
Supervisors, please sort all arriving/departing bins/carts prior to assigning specific processing tasks to student employees.
Look carefully for items going off campus to the Davison and Mills Libraries.
Recent problems:
Several Nexpress books never made it to Davison – they were sent back to the lending library before the requester had a chance to use them.
Quite a few ILL’s were requested for pick-up at Davison, but were shelved at Main
Many thanks for your help.

Branch Courier Bins – Tracking Sheets

Due to a new courier service system for moving library materials between the branches, we need to carefully track courier bin activity.

Fill out and enclose a “Courier Bin Tracking Sheet” form when packing bins
Check for a sheet when unpacking bins
If you unpack a bin and there is no tracking sheet, please check for – and record – the transit time/date details in the item record – before scanning the barcode and clearing the transit status.

Tracking sheets should be available at all branch locations

Return all sheets to Elin – there is a blue folder in Main Lib 250A for completed tracking sheets

Many thanks!