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tracking requests for today’s media screenings

i just made a quick chart where we all can track ( with a check) how many requests we get during the day for an item on the screening schedule for today.  we all should now be aware that screenings for today are NOT to be checked to anyone but the screener.  This is to insure the item is actually here  and cleaned and scanned and available when needed for the scheduled class screening.  So help us out and make a check for each request which we have to refuse

Shelf reading media collection

one thing i have noticed is that there are some items behind the circ desk which do not begin the string of call letters with the word MEDIA.  if an item does not have MEDIA as the first entry in call # sequence, scan the item to verify its true location. There are many items that look as if they should live behind the desk but actually they belong in the stacks and the only way to verfity is to scan the item.  So always look for the word MEDIA.


I attended the annual conference of Vt Women in Higher Ed at the end of Oct.  125 attendees.  Lynn saunders and i represented Midd.  great keynote speaker, peggy Williams, former pres of Lyndon State and Ithaca colleges.  Break out sessions were on relavent issues, inluding retirment, diversity, changing college campuses, challenges facing women on campus.  Overall a good worthwhile experience