Weekly report 6-18-19

Circulation Weekly Report

Date: 6-18-19

Name: Dan Frostman


  • Zip

Highlights: (Progress towards Goals, accomplishments)


  • Swapped out Dell student laptops
  • Planning to move plotter downstairs
  • Planning for student training Thursday

Davis Family:

  • New student Dells put into Sierra
  • Working on communication flow charts
  • No loaner bikes this summer!


  • Shelving basically done
  • Shifting is in NA and almost out of room
  • Still waiting on PT-Z weeding list


  • Boxes brought up for BLSE, BLE and BLT books brought back down
  • Thinking about shelving options at Davison
  • Adding a few LS reserves


  • Auditor student has a bunch of our stuff and ILL books, we have no way of billing her or contacting her
  • LS faculty already asking to have laptops for the whole summer

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