Weekly report 4-23-19

Circulation Weekly Report

Date: 4-23-19

Name: Dan Frostman


  • 843 PS’s weeded so far

Highlights: (Progress towards Goals, accomplishments)


  • Fairly busy
  • Working on exam schedule

Davis Family:

  • Architect presentation
  • Meeting to discuss stacks and the building plans
  • Spring meeting with Carrie
  • Opened WHD ticket with Solar Winds re bug in widgets


  • Returns picking up
  • Summer language display setup finalized with Katrina
  • Shifting in N’s: to ND 1002


  • Met with Dan, Shawn, and Nancy re. Armstrong reserves workflow
  • BL reserve lists coming in


  • Portable PA system has died – will need to be replaced
  • Trying to find summer workers at Armstrong
  • Saturdays for the summer starting 5/11

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