Restricted DVDs

We have set aside the collection of DVDs that has been designated as “Restricted” and will stay behind the circ desk even when all the other DVDs have gone out to the stacks. Currently, these DVDs are on the three carts outside Dan’s office. They are somewhat (but mostly not) in order, so just scan for titles. Once we have room on the shelves, these will be put in order on a shelf.

The DVDs have a status of “restricted” in the catalog. You will be asked if you want to clear this status upon check in or out. Please say no. (Though if you do accidentally change it, I can periodically run a report to have them all changed.) This will not affect their circulation – it serves only to alert the patron (or you, if you are trying to find it) that it is not on the shelf where it would normally be. They also have a message that pops up when you check in and out that says “Restricted DVD”, which will serve as a reminder to put it back on the cart when it gets checked in. These will circulate as usual – 4 hours for students and staff, 3 days for faculty.

Let me know if there are any questions.

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