Circ Monthly Meeting 1-26-11

1/26/11 Circulation Staff Meeting (Minutes)

Those attending:
Dan Frostman
Shawn O’Neil
Janine McDonald
Nancy Reynolds
Kim Gurney
Kellam Ayers
Todd Sturtevant

KG:    New Hires for Spring:  10 hired; 2 have started.
There may be one more student hired. One student-shelver has been hired at Davis.

SO:    Armstrong has three slots open for Spring, but Shawn is not concerned.

DF:  SEO will send summer employment info in February. Davis will likely have six students working over summer term.

SO:    Google calendar update; working well at Armstrong. Reviewed for staff. Shawn will provide us with an update during Spring semester.

DF:    Manager Retreat Update: Communication was major topic discussed: (a) email, (b) blog and (c)Wiki were main methods for communications.  Other subsets were presented; FB, body language, eye contact, etc.

a-Email issue: people are not replying to emails. There is a small group looking into this issue for LIS.

b-Blogs: Main point is that staff should be reading the Circ blog each day. Hard to tell if people are reading blogs. Question: Should we have an internal/private blog? Would that be a useful communication tool?

c-Wiki:  still is the best way to acquire info, however, the search engine is not so great. The Midd search engine will replace current Wiki search engine. Borrowing pages are broken down better than previously.

Additional discussion followed about conduct and accountability amongst LIS and the issue of AD’s communication from the LIST Staff survey.

DF:     Top 10 Email Tip sheet was circulated.

            All plans remain tentative for Music Library move:
Majority of DVDs will go into stacks with individually locked cases; they will be re-classified to LC and no longer MCTR.
RIFD tags are being investigated for the media collection; slim possibility we will obtain these.
Special Collection items (laser discs, u-matics (VHS) will be in locked cases near government docs.

CDs will be stocked behind Circ Desk; items must be out of Music Library by June 1.
Spring break: compact shelving will be installed.

KA: 10-11 ranges will be added to shelves.

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