Additional procedure for PC faculty/staff laptops

Hi all. A small addition to the procedure for checking out Dell PC laptops to faculty and staff. Remember how, with the faculty/staff Macbooks, we require patrons to log in using their own ID and password at the far-left part of the Circ Desk? Well, now we’re doing that for faculty/staff PCs as well. When you check out a Dell laptop to a faculty or staff member, please direct them to go to the far left part of the Circ Desk, plug into the Ethernet cable there, and log in the laptop using their own username and password. The purpose of this is for assured functionality so they can access personal files once they leave campus. If a problem occurs, refer them to a Circ Supervisor – we can troubleshoot, ask Helpdesk to step in, or exchange their faculty/staff laptop for another one. Students working in the evenings at the branches can call Main if a supervisor is needed. Thanks!

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  1. Thanks, Steve. Did you find out about the ability for said user to install programs? I could not install the webcam software when logged in as myself.

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