Equipment: give camcorders to supervisors for check-in!

A reminder for student workers at Main: when any piece of equipment that comes in a bag is returned, student workers should NOT check in the equipment but give the bag to the supervisor on duty. This includes firewire drives, fac/staff laptops, iPods, digital cameras, LCD projectors, the conference phone, the digital presenter, memory card readers, and most importantly, camcorders. Currently there are 3 flash HD camcorders which checked in without all of their pieces. In all 3, the power adapter, which is the only way to charge the battery, was missing. These power adapters cost $82 each and put the whole camcorder out of circulation until they can be ordered and delivered.

So please don’t check-in any returned equipment in bags. Instead, hand it over to the supervisor on duty. They will check throroughly to make sure all the pieces have been returned, and contact the borrower if pieces are missing. Thanks!

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  1. Steve, can you please clarify check-in procedures for equipment with multiple-parts for student staff at Arms and Music? Thanks!

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