guest computing

Local high school students taking a class at Midd

Local high schools students are eligible for courtesy guest privileges during the semester they are taking a class at Midd.
If they ask to borrow and do not have a library card – refer them to Main. A supervisor will verify eligibility (based on a list from the Registrar’s Office), ask them to fill out an application and then create a library card.
Regular guest printing and computing policies apply. They will need to create a print account and pay for printing and will need to use the daily password to access computers.
They can access Eres by using the password – usually given to them by their professor.
Thanks for helping them navigate our systems and resources.

Guest Printing, Computing and Borrowing

Guest Printing
The process in 4 steps:
STEP 1 – Purchase a $5 PrintCard
Available at The College Book Store, the MiddExpress and the Wilson Café
STEP 2 – Create a PaperCut account on the Guest Print Station
Add value as needed after creating your PaperCut account by purchasing $5 cards
User creates their own print account, username and password
STEP 3 – Select a Printer
At the Guest Print station, open the document to be printed (via personal email, CD, storage device or Zip Drive) and select printer
STEP 4 – Release print
Print Release station is adjacent to printer selected
Log in using the PaperCut account username and password to print (NOT the pclab guest computing password)

Guest Computing
Need daily pclab password to log in to computers – does not permit printing

Guest Borrowing Privileges
By application. Guest borrowing privileges do not include printing privileges, restrictions apply to borrowing.
See Borrowing Guidelines for more info.