check list

Main Circ Task List Review 7/27

Lots of great ideas – thanks!
Morgan will post meeting notes soon. Stay tuned for another meeting invite – but let’s keep the conversation going on the blog.

Here is a summary of some proposed changes.
Checklist updates to follow.
Eliminate date due slips (including thesis slips and the sweep of reserved carrels)
Automate morning paging slip notices
Switch some daily/morning tasks to evening
Switch some daily tasks to weekly
Shift some ILL/NExpress incoming and outgoing cart workflow to ILL staff
Eliminate or reduce paging of local Midd requests (students, staff, faculty on campus retrieve their own open stack materials – a much appreciated service but one we may not be able to provide with current staffing reductions)
Eliminate physical new books display; shift new books “presence” to web; streamline processing for carts from CM and P&P; investigate automated status changes
Opening priority: computers, paging slips, equipment bookings, film screening media

Daily tasks to review next…
Hold shelf/pick-up
Returns processing/hold areas/carts
Equipment – bookings and follow-up; overdues, check-in, re-imaging
Courier bins etc.
Student employee management – hiring, training, scheduling etc.
Info desk support – reserve rooms; guest pw, quick ref, ref referrals. misc facility issues, troubleshooting copy/print, Public Safety
Collections – shelf reading, shelving browsing collections
Circ supplies, forms etc.
Other checklists and routine tasks – weekly, monthly, annually etc.
Cash/credit processing
Schedule opening shifts and Main Circ coverage for fall semester
Review Arm and Mus checklists – what can be adjusted to alleviate the load at Main?