The Circulation Blog – Required Reading for Student Employees

Circulation staff hope that the Circ blog will be a useful and easy to access tool to stay informed about topics relevant to your circulation work. Please let us know what you think!
Many thanks to those of you who have commented on the Circ blog.
If you have not yet commented on a blog post, please do so at the beginning of your next shift. I am tracking comments as a way to verify that you have successfully accessed the blog.
Please remember that reading updates on the Circ blog is REQUIRED at the beginning of every shift.
When you view the Circ blog, please remember to select the CATEGORY appropriate to your work location – then you will see posts that are specific to your work. For example, if you work at the Main Library, choose the category Student Employees – Main.
Anyone is welcome to view all categories and all posts, but to minimize confusion about which posts apply directly to your work, select the appropriate category when viewing the blog at the beginning of your shift.

Blogging at Circ!

Thanks to all for a fun couple of blogging meetings!
Present on Monday (for apple cupcakes and tea!): Phil, Steve, Kellam, Elin
Present on Wednesday: Dan, Nancy, Morgan, Kate, Rachel, Lexa, Todd, Maura, Elin, Joanne
Happy October Birthdays to Kellam, Morgan, Nancy, Todd, and Steve!
Thanks to Rachel for baking a (still warm!) yummy apple cake, to Maura for Jarlsberg and apples, and to Dan for drinks.
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Welcome to the Circ Blog Student Worker Pages

Why are we asking you to read the Circ blog?
So that you can stay informed about all things related to your job at the Circulation Desks
To reduce the amount of email that clogs up your inbox
And – so that you can read updates and memos/fyi’s on work time – while getting paid!
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