Monthly Archives: April 2012

Jack Maher: April’s Student Employee of the Month & DVD/CD Display Center

This note is so everyone is aware of this month’s student employee award, which went to Jack.  He has worked at the Circ Desk since starting as a first-year at Midd, longer than some supervisors.  It was unanimous that Jack … Continue reading

No Check-Ins Needed for Most Circ Media Equipment – Reminder to Students

To all student circ staff members, this is a reminder to let you know that it is unnecessary to check in the following items: digital cameras,  all camcorders, projection screens, LCD projectors, VHS machines, tripods, microphones, iPods, iPads, digital voice … Continue reading

Circ is looking for input

Circulation is looking to you, the users of the library, for input on circulation policies, loan rules, and the like. Please take a few minutes to take a brief survey and let us know how we can make your life … Continue reading

The candy at the circ desk is NOT for you

That is, unless you fill out a survey. Students will be filling out surveys and returning them to the circ desk, at which point they can have a piece of candy. If you eat the candy, we will not have … Continue reading

Carrel check-ins

As carrel keys start getting returned, please DO NOT check them in without first finding the carrel check-in clip board (between Kim and Janine’s desks) and actually going to the carrel and making sure it is cleaned out. If there … Continue reading