VCAL Borrowing

From Terry Simpkins:
I wanted to alert you to the VCAL reciprocal borrowing program that Middlebury now participates in. This program allows faculty from Middlebury to walk-in to participating libraries in the state and borrow materials from them as if they were full guest borrowers of that library. Faculty do need to fill out a form and get a VCAL card from the circulation desk here at Middlebury first.
Please remember that:
Faculty need to first get a VCAL card from Main Circ
Faculty are expected to return borrowed items to the owning library
Faculty are expected to abide by the owning library’s guest circulation policies
Please feel free to let me know if you need more information.

Guest borrowing cards are issued during weekdays at the Main Circ Desk. Supervisors – please check the circ wiki for details about processing VCAL borrowing privileges.

How to process VCAL borrowing privileges for Midd faculty
* Home institution issues form and card
* Process form/card at Main
* Fill out web form, then print out, sign and date form – this will authorize borrowing at the participating institution
* Copy form for our records; file in VCAL folder
* Insert note and type “VCAL” (for gathering stats)
* Attach expiration sticker to back of card (under vcal web address) and give VCAL card and authorization form to faculty
* Cards are valid for 1 semester or 1 full academic year; please check faculty’s Midd expiration date to determine length of VCAL borrowing privileges
* Note – Midd faculty need to present the VCAL card AND their Midd ID to the lending library – it is required for setting up borrowing privileges at participating institutions
* Note – presenting the form to the lending library is optional

How to process VCAL borrowing privileges for visiting faculty from participating institutions
* Home institution issues form and card
* Process form/card at Main
* Visiting faculty member from participating institution presents a VCAL card (with valid expiration date sticker on back) and may also present the optional form from their home institution
* Attach barcode to the VCAL card (place sticker above the web address on the back of the card, ensuring that there is room for other institutions to add their barcodes if faculty use reciprocal privileges at other institutions (see sample)
* Enter borrower contact etc. information into data base (follow directions on wiki for detailed specs on how to create the account – what to enter in each field)
* If they have a form, copy form for our records; file in VCAL folder

General Guidelines – individual institutions may establish their own specific loan periods and borrowing guidelines

* Eligibility status is determined by home institution (may include adimistrative staff who teach/do research)
* Midd faculty members in good standing are eligible for guest borrowing at participating institutions
* Home library of the borrower assumes responsibility for replacement of any lost materials
* There is no reciprocal student and staff borrowing agreement; we recommend that students and staff utilize ILL at their home institution
* Faculty at Vermont Consortium of Academic Libraries (VCAL) member institutions are eligible to receive guest borrowing privileges at participating institutions
* Faculty complete a form (link to form listed above and on VCAL site) and are issued a VCAL card at the home institution
* All candidates for reciprocal borrowing privileges must present a valid institutional ID from their home library, a VCAL card with a valid expiration date sticker and optionally a completed ‘Vermont Consortium of Academic Libraries, Faculty Reciprocal Borrowing Authorization” form issued by their home library; the VCAL form shall have an authorized signature from the home library
* Reciprocal borrowing is limited to a maximum of 10 books from the general circulating collections
* Borrowing guidelines are determined by the lending institution; Midd faculty must adhere to policies of the lending institution
* Materials are subject to recall by the lending institution
* The home library of the borrower shall be ultimately held responsible for the payment of lost or unreturned item fees, as determined by the lending library
* The expectation is that borrowers will return materials to the lending library; libraries will return materials via interlibrary loan as needed (eg if materials are returned to the borrower’s home library in error)
* Stats will be gathered annually: number of cards activated (Midd faculty); number of circs (by VCAL visiting faculty); number of external users (number of VCAL visiting faculty)
* Home institution will be recorded in the note field of the borrower account

Please refer unresolved questions about reciprocal faculty borrowing questions to Elin

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