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Big Blue Dress

So my boyfriend is a 1337 pwnzor Tauran druid ftw, btw, and sends me these crazy things. The previous video reminded me of this one, which is one of the better ones I’ve seen. It’s also musical, to a very catchy song. One more way MMORPGs invade the lives of non-players like me.

And remember; “A man who’s truly skilled can look quite good in twill!” Oh dear, that was a bit much, even for me…

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Brian, Derek, and I have a friend who plays WoW. We generally find it’s better not to ask, but sometimes it gets us really tasty bits of internet culture, such as this video. It’s worth watching until the credits start rolling.

I present to you “ROFLMAO,” a re-imagined “Mahna Mahna.”

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On the subject of robots…

Alright, so my titles need work. But this is a webcomic that I read, which I’m pretty sure no one else does. Thus I shall enlighten you as you have enlightened me. Most of them are single panels or short multipanel comics, with continuity stemming from the Transformers franchise. It’s a commentary on the whole picture, from Generation 1 to the fandom to mistakes Michael Bay hasn’t even made yet. The latest edition is of the latter category, and it updates every Monday.

Matt Moylan’s Lilformers

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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series

Yeah. I posted it. I capitalized and punctuated correctly. I have two decks stashed away in my desk somewhere if anyone else on the planet still knows how to play.

Moving on.

This is definitely more of a traditional remix than Haloid. It’s a series of episodes- each cut down to about ten minutes and completely dubbed over by one very talented man- and it’s absolutely hilarious. Whether you love, hate, or have never heard of children’s card games, this will probably make you laugh. Littlekuriboh got millions of hits per episode before having his videos taken down and being repeatedly banned from YouTube. I believe his episodes fall under fair use- but you can judge for yourselves. Now he has his own website.

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series

And if you liked the funny subtitles of the Beni Lava video, he does something similar for the opening and ending themes of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Other Abridged Movie right here! Sadly, it will probably be ripped off of YouTube once ‘they’ find it.

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remix vids

Hey- as I’m sure you all are doing as well, I’ve been searching remix videos on youtube and have been finding some pretty interesting and funny ones.  Here is a very short dubbed and remixed Lion King video:


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Beni lava

Here’s a hilarious baliwood music video where someone has decided to “subtitle” in english. Is it technically a “remix” video? (parental discretion advised)

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Thompson & Melissa’s podcast


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Alexandra and Ernest’s Podcast



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This is possibly the best example of borrowed media I have ever witnessed. It was choreographed and animated by one guy. If the characters were not borrowed, it would be original media, and impressive original media at that. The lengths fans go to appreciate their favorite games for free is astounding, though I’m sure this produced a different kind of return. It is, of course, available for download in ridiculous quality. Fanservice alert: If you are deeply attached to the manly mystique of Master Chief, you may want to keep a defibrillator handy.

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Obama mashup video

This is basically just a mashup of various images from the Obama campaign in Texas, and I think it raises issues of how mashups can be used as tools of political persuasion/propaganda. However, what really intrigued me was the song used in the video, which if I’m not mistaken samples from the trumpet line to the 1966 song “Hold on, I’m comin'” by the R&B group Sam and Dave (and written by Issac Hayes). Appropriate for the image the Obama campaign is trying to project, I’d say. Enjoy.

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Sarah and Robyn’s Podcast


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I want to show you all a different kind of remix video. It’s a collection of Shia LaBeouf saying “No,” in various films. This is a pretty popular technique, I know they have versions of movies that just have the f-word, like pulp fiction and superbad. Here’s a link to the superbad one.

Here’s the “No” since that seems a little more appropriate to embed for class.

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Laria and Ross’s Podcast

Here it is folks…



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