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Speaking of Interface…

In light of our interface discussion\testing, I thought I’d post this clip from Apple’s press conference a few weeks ago unveiling the iPhone SDK (software development kit). They demonstrate simple game (they wrote it in two weeks) that takes advantage of the iPhone’s graphics capabilities, touch screen, and Wiimote-esque accelerometer…

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Kyle and Erin’s Remix Video

So here’s our remix video. We think it’ll be pretty self-explanatory.


audio: The Blunt Truth

video: “Dazed and Confused” (1997)

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Predator Rap

I stumbled across this a week ago and I think it’s a nice example of combining “found” media with artistic creativity. It goes beyond combining multiple forms of media—it combines the creative (the rap) with the lines from the film. I’m very impressed by this, and if I had more time I would like to attempt this with another movie. (I know the clip is a little long, but you’ll get the gist of it after about a minute or two so don’t fee like you need to watch the entire clip).

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Sally and Melissa’s Remix Video

A parody of a parody?
“Patrolling Borders” examines the tropes of the Hollywood narrative — examining which tropes are mocked, questioning why we feel to desire to criticize them while they apparently provide us with pleasure on some level. Also, does “Super Troopers” work as a parody in and of itself — and if yes, why was it not marketed as one?

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They have a T-Rex!

We are Elliot Gay and Laria Hambleton, and this is our remix video.

Creator’s Note:
The idea behind this was to show how within the realms of the remix video, people can alter the meanings of not only entire movies, but specific moments within the movie. For instance, Muldoon’s use of his phrase “Clever Girl” is used as a way of acknowledging the raptor’s intelligence in the actual movie. Here, it’s used to acknowledge the young girl and her hacking abilities.

In anycase, enough rambling. Enjoy!

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Facebook is invading your mental/emotional space.

I spotted this while I was doing a brief morning browse through Facebook and I had to stop and laugh… even though I hadn’t yet had a needed dose of caffeine. I haven’t followed the link because I want to be able to continue pretending that the site you come to tries to sell you discount pharmaceuticals from El Salvador, and possibly strange, illegal aphrodisiacs poached from the wilds of Southeast Asia. Even the possibility of some kind of “love doctor” making money through snail-mail kits and tips is amusing, I suppose.

Anyway, it goes to show the breadth of small-time con artists trying to make a buck who are discovering the relatively cheap and presumably very effective form ad advertising available on everyone’s favorite social networking tool. Watch where you click.
Facebook Fixes Your Break-Up

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A couple of meta-videos

Stumbled across these vids that show some interesting commentary on Internet culture.

A promo for IFC that compares net video with TV:

And a profile of a “first poster” by the same artist:

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