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Meta Media

Hey Guys, I was directed to this online and I watched nearly every single one of them. They are really cool “text” pieces that transcribe the dialogue from famous movies. It’s really interesting to see how they are each put together. Check a few out. You’ll notice it starts with the dialogue Robyn and I used for our Pulp Fiction remix. Enjoy. I’ll embed the first one, but click the link to see a whole bunch more.

Remix culture Brian Sommers 20 Mar 2008 1 Comment


Hey guys,

I posted this link on one of my comments to the readings, but didn’t think anyone would find it there, so I’m reposting it here out in the open. It’s a really interesting online simulation experience, rather than a game. Check it out:


Oh, and by the way, feel free to write or ask her anything, because you get really funny and/or interesting responses that will either make sense, or will seemĀ  a little ridiculous…

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