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A Hero Will Rise

As though this were a virtual buffet, you have three options:

See The Remix in HD (If you have a newish Mac or maybe even a PC this should play)

See The Remix (If HD isn’t for you)

See The Remix On YouTube (Cause why not?)

By Ross & Thompson

Class business &Remix Video &Videos Ross Bell 17 Mar 2008 2 Comments

The Truth

As videos are being disseminated at an accelerating pace, we are exposed to various conflicting subjective views pertaining to the same topic.This video attempts to express the way that media can effect one’s perception of foreign countries or ideals. We chose Argentina simply because Mica is from Argentina and questions the way that it is framed by both popular culture and academia within the US. We decided to call the video The Truth since we derived much of our inspiration for it from a clever political advertisement in which two conflicting points of view are presented. We do not claim that our video is the only truth, it presents just two of many truths. We tried to juxtapose a very happy view of the country with one tinged by revolt, corruption, violence and Argentinean Nazi propaganda. We set out to make people question the factual robustness of the information that they acquire through various mediums.

After watching the video ask yourself this question. Do you know Argentina?

Ernest and Mica

Remix Video Ernest Russell 17 Mar 2008 No Comments

My Virtual War: A Disturbing Stroll Through a Simulated Battlefield

Hey, here’s another from Scientific American. I think that we might have talked about less immersing virtual training environments in class but the Office of Naval Research’s new $40 million research program is on a different level. The program, Virtual Technologies and Environments, has developed a sort of hamster ball for a Marine to stand in that monitors his/her movement and propels them through an urban combat sim. The journalist who tested it complained that he actually was afraid and nauseous while playing. When he finished, he was sweating since he actually had to walk around himself. The ball might be sold commercially for $20,000 USD. Here’s the article.


MMOW &video games Ernest Russell 17 Mar 2008 1 Comment

More Virtual Economics.

It has been said that MMOW’s will become the most important economic models of the 21st century. Second Life actually controls inflation to keep its exchange rate in line with the US dollar. Here’s an awesome article from Scientific American.

Why Do Virtual Worlds Even Need Economists?


MMOW &social networking Ernest Russell 17 Mar 2008 1 Comment

Diebold Leaks ’08 Results

It doesn’t strictly relate to new media, but I think there’s a connection between suspicion of computer voting and anxiety over internet communication\media. Plus, its hilarious.

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

Politics &Taste of the Internet &Videos Ross Bell 17 Mar 2008 No Comments

Robyn Brian Remix

Here is our video. Who do YOU want to answering the phone at 3am?

Original commercial can be found at

and Pulp Fiction

Robyn and Brian

Politics &Remix Video &Videos Brian Sommers 17 Mar 2008 No Comments

Don’t Copy That Floppy!

Hi guys,

I don’t know how many of you have seen this video already, but I figured I’d post it since it offers a perspective on ownership, copyright, and videogames…from 1992. Yes, it shows. Painfully so.

Don’t Copy That Floppy was part of a campaign by the Software Publisher’s Association to discourage people from copying games, and it features the rap stylings of M.E. Hart as “MC Double Def DP” (the DP is for “disk protector”). It’s kind of interesting to be reminded that these issues have been around for quite a while and not just since the widespread adoption of the internet.


copyright &Taste of the Internet &video games &Videos Derek Long 17 Mar 2008 1 Comment

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