ILL Renewal Tips

ILL Renewal Tips – A reminder from ILL:
Refer any questions/requests about ILL renewals to ILL staff
ILL staff prefer to see the items at the Circulation Desk to renew them
If ILL staff are unavailable in person, borrowers can contact them at
Each renewal must be confirmed with the Lending Library and all ILL renewal requests are provisional, and dependant on the approval of the Lending Library
ILLs are subject to recall at any time

It is OK to “extend” a due date for up to 3 days to accomodate the needs of the borrower
If you do so, please record the new due date and your initials on the ILL band
The due dates in Mill Circ should always remain within 3 days of the due dates listed in ILLiad system

ILL/NExpress Renewals?

Just a quick note about renewals 🙂

NExpress (blue bands) loans can be renewed up to 3 times.
ILL’s (green and pink bands) can be renewed by request to the ILL Office – ask borrowers to email (or simply forward their “about to be overdue” courtesy library notice) to to request a renewal.

Overdue materials will require a supervisor override.
As always, please refer requests for extensions beyond these rules to a supervisor.


Borrow Books During the Summer?

Academic Year students may borrow books during the summer.
As always, they are responsible for:
Knowing their due dates
Renewing as needed
Returning any recalled materials immediately
Reading their library notices
Staying in touch with Circ about any issues related to their borrowing

Remind students to check their library accounts and return or renew before they leave campus.
Please refer requests for extended loans to a supervisor.

Students who will be near our NExpress partner libraries during the summer can borrow directly from them – Colby, Bates, Bowdoin, Northeastern, Williams and Wellesley – with their Midd ID.