Weekly report 4-3-13

User Services Weekly Report
Date: 04-03-2013
Name: Dan Frostman
Circulation Services – Circ, Reserves, and Stacks

• Over 1500 items on reserve
• Number of days Maximus has been alive: 1825
Highlights: (Progress towards Goals, accomplishments)
• Activity back to normal after a quiet week
• Smoking light fixture repaired (now going throw nicotine withdrawal)
• Gate counter miraculously working again
• Monthly circ meeting
Davis Family:
• LIS in-service day
• Circ meeting – Millennium enhancement voting
• Lots of cleaning projects last week
• Trying to figure out summer student schedule, hires
• Good overlap of staff last week
• Friday first aid training session
• Drupal class during in-service day
• A few delinquent equipment loans over the break, but not too bad

• Students working on shifting HD’s
• Keeping on top of shelving before the big return next month
• Measuring the P’s downstairs to see if there is room to shift all of the PNs down.
• Proofread LIS quarterly report for Doreen and Mike
• Monthly liaisons meeting

CT Team: Refining goals

• Missing laser disc we can’t replace
• No trespassing orders – one the Friday before Spring break, one Tuesday
• Banner INB confusion over Java updates and versions – can’t get in to bill patrons

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